Our team is comprised of individuals, with aligned personal missions, who have committed to creating change creatively in an overarching effort to unite all cultures.


Hank Powell


Constantly murmuring, “Aspire to Inspire,” I live with intent. One word to describe me is visionary. Daily, I strive to use wisdom and my imagination to strategically plan for the unknown. I envision a world that demands a leader who operates under the notion that we are all neighbors in one community. In my eyes, nothing brings strangers together like the universal language of art. With a degree in recording arts and a passion for humanitarianism, I’ve made it my personal mission to dissolve borders and unite culture.


Brenda Powell

Executive Director

President of Collins & Powell Insurance Services
Masterpiece……is the one word chosen that best describes me.  Created, masterfully, as, “one of a kind” with the ability to change that which appears to be impossible to the possible!!!!

Community involvements:  Central Coast Commission for Seniors Citizens, YMCA – Youth & Family Services Branch, Partners in Education, Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara, Boys Scouts of America, Healthy Kids Coalition, Unity Shoppe and Community Development/Human Service Committee.

Eager to merge my passion for service with my varied community experiences to ensure that The glObl Culture ‘Exceeds their Expectations’.

Philosophy: “Ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others.” – Cesar Chavez.

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Using the universal language of art to dissolve borders and to further holistic health and well-being

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