Our team is comprised of individuals, with aligned personal missions, who have committed to creating change creatively in an overarching effort to unite all cultures.


Hank Powell


Constantly murmuring, “Aspire to Inspire,” I live with intent. One word to describe me is visionary. Daily, I strive to use wisdom and my imagination to strategically plan for the unknown. I envision a world that demands a leader who operates under the notion that we are all neighbors in one community. In my eyes, nothing brings strangers together like the universal language of art. With a degree in recording arts and a passion for humanitarianism, I’ve made it my personal mission to dissolve borders and unite culture.


Darren Thomas

Vice President

As an Indianapolis native, I have a passion for serving my hometown community. I formerly worked as the Director of Communications for the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and I currently serve as the Assistant Athletic Director for Indianapolis Public Schools district.

Indianapolis has afforded me many opportunities and has allowed me to find my place and to flourish as an individual, so it is my honor to give back. Since my years as a student at Purdue and IUPUI, I have participated in various forms of community service, but The glObl Culture brings a unique approach.

Art allows for forms of expression and interpretation that can connect us all. Through TgC, many artists will also have the chance to make a positive impact on their community, while receiving increased exposure and promotion. The TgC family understands the effect that the arts can have on individuals and humanity as a whole. Collaboratively, we’re excited to help spread that energy here and around the globe.


Brenda Powell

Executive Director

President of Collins & Powell Insurance Services
Masterpiece……is the one word chosen that best describes me.  Created, masterfully, as, “one of a kind” with the ability to change that which appears to be impossible to the possible!!!!

Community involvements:  Central Coast Commission for Seniors Citizens, YMCA – Youth & Family Services Branch, Partners in Education, Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara, Boys Scouts of America, Healthy Kids Coalition, Unity Shoppe and Community Development/Human Service Committee.

Eager to merge my passion for service with my varied community experiences to ensure that The glObl Culture ‘Exceeds their Expectations’.

Philosophy: “Ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others.” – Cesar Chavez.


Jamie Sego

Board Member

I believe we all learn and connect to people in different ways.  I’m excited to be a part of The Global Culture which embodies uniting people through varied avenues of the arts.  I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance from Purdue University.  I started my accounting career in a public accounting firm, Blue and Co.  During my time there I had a healthcare focus which led me to joining Indiana University Health after 4 years.  I’ve been with IU Health for 15 years and have served many roles throughout my tenure.  I am currently the Regional Director of Finance for the West Central Region.  I have a passion for helping clinical leaders understand finance.


Gary Sandhu

Board Member

I completed my Bachelors at the University of Michigan with a concentration in statistics and computer science. I am currently a student at Harvard University for graduate studies in finance.

Growing up near Detroit, I witnessed first hand the ramifications of prioritizing individual desires over the sustainability of the community. I believe these disconnects between people and groups are synthesized by ignorance and fear. The goal of uniting culture through art, music, and eco-nourishment attracted me to TgC. My passion to bridge socio-economic gaps through education and community outreach have matured through my career so far.

My career has taken me from operating a hedge fund, starting my own education based nonprofit, consulting for the United Nations, and more. My observable universe of knowledge cement the notion that the wider area of my ignorance is ever growing. This curiosity to always learn, implement ideas, and help create change is what I hope to bring to TgC.


Austin Rains

Board Member

I grew up in Dayton Ohio and love living in the midwest. I am a hyper-focused people person with a passion for empowering individuals to reach their definition of success. Working in healthcare for the past eight years has given me a sense of purpose and allowed me to connect with mission-driven work. This is also what drew me to work with The glObl Culture.

I have a bachelors and masters degree from Wright State University. I studied industrial and organizational psychology in undergrad and am finishing an MBA in healthcare management and public health leadership through Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. Currently, I work for Kettering Physician Network, as an Administrative Leadership Fellow.

My realm of expertise is building and creating strategic relationships, business development, marketing and communications. I am excited to be apart of the TgC movement and live its mission to unite culture with art, music and community eco-nourishment.


Taylor Kern

Board Member

A Project Manager specializing in change management and business transformation at Mako Medical, a medical laboratory focused on improving the laboratory industry through its community focus. Taylor previously worked with entrepreneurs, counseling and coaching them through building their businesses and gaining investors.
Her passion is bringing together businesses and people to positively impact communities. Her love for music and the arts started at a young age – with piano lessons when she was six – and has continued to grow. When she is not at the office or volunteering in her community, you can find Taylor at the barn with her horses.

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Using the universal language of art to dissolve borders and to further holistic health and well-being

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