The work that we do would be impossible without you! Come partner with us!

We all have resources and talents that we can offer humanity. Whether it’s your time, your gift, or your donation, we are looking for individuals and businesses across the world to accept the glObl challenge.

Host one or more initiative or earmark glObl Culture as your non-profit designee. Most importantly, watch the universal language of art transform minds and unite lives within fractions of time… #goglobl

Stimulating cognitive activity through music listening, creative expression and social engagement. The CM Project aims to spread awareness about the impact of music and art therapy by servicing those with mental illnesses and dementia communities.

Developing community eco-nourishment practice in food desserts


Partner with #TgC to bring healthy vegetation and community empowerment to a food desert near you. #LiveOffTheLand

Youth mentorship through recording arts technology.

The love of art is a bridge that transcends boundaries and differences. The opportunity to relax and fellowship at a social event will not only provide you with an evening of relaxation, but one of purpose.

Join us as we highlight a featured artist in a casual setting that is perfect for artistic expression, social engagement, and networking.

This quarterly event allows us to stay connected with our community of supporters while also growing our business and spreading the word about The glObl Culture and its various initiatives.

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Using the universal language of art to dissolve borders and to further holistic health and well-being

TgC is a registered 501(c)(3) Not For Profit. Donations are tax-deductible within the full extent of the law.

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