The glObl Culture 

is dedicated to escalating the usage of non-pharmacological therapies for mental health care and well-being.

Our Canvas with Music Project

was created to stimulate cognitive activity in the dementia population and to contribute to the psychological well being of all individuals.

Given the increasing number of individuals who are diagnosed every year, Alzheimer’s disease is now a global health issue that affects all of us. As such, non-pharmacological interventions provide us with various ways to engage in holistic approaches that both subject matter experts and therapists have researched and advocated for. With this data in mind, we use multi-sensory stimulation that combines art and music with social engagement to help us create a therapeutic environment that contributes to a greater awareness for program participants.

Evidence based research indicates that there is a measurable impact on arousal and mood when listening to music. People often choose to listen to music for this very effect; however, it is often short-term. To generate longer lasting results, the CM Project combines a live instrumentalist with an art demonstration and social engagement. Collectively, this produces an extended psychological effect on mood, behavior, and socialization.

The desire to impact the overall quality of life while changing the way the world treats mental health issues are the cornerstones of this initiative.


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Using the universal language of art to dissolve borders and to further holistic health and well-being

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